Tuesday 16 November 2021

this hag is too subversive for Melbourne Fashion Week

I offended Melbourne Fashion Week with a post made a few hours ago that had to be removed. 

In their self congratulatory enthusiasm for their recent event they posted...

...I can't remember the exact words I reacted with but my offending post went something like this...

So now radical and inclusive defines men who are appropriating feminine styling and clothing. 

This is the new regressive.

Non binary is the new word for cross dresser.

I do not understand what is being claimed to be "diverse" or "inclusive" that is happening at Melbourne Fashion Week. 

What does that mean!? 

Men wearing dresses, makeup and high heels isn't displaying "diverse". It is cross dressing which men have been doing forever. It is same old, same old....nothing new, adventurous or wtf "diverse" means.....

Rather than a whole lot of inclusivity or diversity champions I saw cross dressing men basking in validation and getting the most prominent roles of the evening. I noticed women designers and their work getting less coverage having been eclipsed by the agenda of "inclusivity"...which in my opinion equals giving men more attention at the cost of less recognition for women.

Of course, this is all my personal speculation based on 62 years of experience living in patriarchy, perhaps I'll be flooded with positive messages from women designers who were at Melbourne Fashion Week saying they feel the new gender identity affirmation is wonderful for everybody, especially women.

Perhaps women feel nothing is being appropriated from our culture? And perhaps other women feel we should be kind and polite to this very "vulnerable" group of non sexed people because we might hurt their feelings...?  (In Australia the levels of violence experienced by trans or non binary identifiers is insignificant to that suffered by women) 

I wish they'd stop demanding we care about their desire to display their interpretation of femininity. Go away and play with your own friends and stop pretending you're more important than women and displacing women in places where we deserve equal representation. 

As for all the non binary emperors at Melbourne Fashion Week - no type of non sexed human has ever been recognised in any culture ever so why is this necessary now? Asking us to believe a person is a golumphant is just as credible. 

It would be simpler to say something understood by everybody “I’m a man who likes cross dressing and I demand everybodys attention”

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