Sunday 14 November 2021

refuse to wear it


Melbourne Fashion Week is asking everybody to pretend the emperor has no clothes too. 

         Deni Todorovic says he is non binary and we all have to pretend he is neither man or woman.


I listened to a podcast today about children who have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) that was instigated from child sexual abuse. 

Radio National podcast: Dissociative Identity Disorder

I wonder if there are parallels with encouraging children to dissociate from reality when it is insisted that a man must be addressed as a woman, and IS a woman, when that person is obviously male?

Men who self identify as female, who call themselves trans women or non binary, demand that everybody has to believe that they are no different from a woman with breasts, vagina, cervix and uterus. That they are no different from females who went through puberty when our bodies were awash with estrogen and other hormones that activated our menses. 

By saying the magical mantra "I identify as a woman" or I am "non-binary" they are entitled to use the spaces designated for women. 

As you can see from information provided by Instagram influencer Schuylar Bailey (followers = 336,000) being a trans woman or non binary doesn't mean that those people have altered their physical bodies in any way trying to resemble women. They can be fully intact male sexed bodies. Through saying the magical mantra the rest of society is being compelled to buy into the charade lest we be reviled as not nice women, haters, transphobes and bigots.

I'm not saying I want trans/non binary ppl to adopt the outward appearance of the sex they want to mimic - not at all. I have no concern whatsoever what they want to wear or how they choose to alter their bodies by surgeries - if they are consenting adults over 18 that is their choice.

I just want them to stop trying to coerce the rest of the world into believing they have actually trans-formed into the opposite sex. Its not possible to change a male body into a female body. It is only possible to perform a simulacrum of it.

Performing the pretense of biological sex change should not entitle these men to appropriate the sex based rights of women and girls.

If you encounter a transwoman using womens toilets or changerooms tell them their presence makes you uncomfortable and you'll wait outside until they leave. If you happen to be with a girl don't pretend to the child that that person is a female.

Why Gender Ideology is not the new Civil Rights Frontier

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