Sunday 12 May 2019

"Finery" is launched

I had a wonderful night last night at the Muswellbrook Regional Arts Gallery.
Thanks to gallery manager Elissa Emerson and the staff of volunteers who worked hard all week to set up the current shows.

Coat for the Recalcitrant Bohemian Princess hanging at the entrance

The coat looked fabulous apparently effortlessly floating at the top of the narrow gallery space where my works are displayed.

Me standing beside the coat. Gallery manager Elissa Emerson is in the background

the necklace at the lower right was bought by the Max Watters Collection

I was flattered to sell several pieces last night, especially that the permanent collection of the Muswellbrook Gallery, the Max Watters Collection, bought 2 items to add to their permanent collection. Such recognition is a high honour, thank you.

After many conversations with gallery attendees last night I was left wondering how many similar exhibitions there may have been in Australian galleries? Or is this genre of mixed media textile and bead adornment a very unusual thing?

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