Wednesday 12 July 2017

all good news here, except for the chook....

Some things to report...

Firstly, I'm gazing out the window and seeing my pet rooster, Roger, happily munching on broccoli growing in the vege garden...sigh, now I know what inspired the insult "featherhead" in stupid. I have tried to explain to him that that kind of behaviour will expedite his journey to becoming chicken pot pie....

teasing Roger, he wants the wheat sprinkled on my work in progress, but he's wary of that strange tablecloth!

Secondly, and "second" is appropriate here, because I've just been notified of the thrilling news that my entry in the Australian Sewing Guild competition "Castaway to Couture" has been judged second prize winner. Yippee! $250 voucher to spend on fabric. Thanks to all those who voted for me online.

my Castaway to Couture entry

My third announcement is that after a 2 year hiatus I'm going to be regenerating the newsletter I started publishing a couple of years ago. I'm presently doing a fabulous online course which is teaching me how I can be friends with Mailchimp instead of wanting to kill it.....horribly....
I really look forward to this as I'm always brimming over with enthusiasms and creative ideas I'd love to share with other women who have an avant garde sense of personal style. When it gets closer to the time I'm ready to send it out I'll restore the joining up button on the side bar of this blog and let you know what will be coming up.

One special thing I'll offer to newsletter subscribers will be my new pattern, Aurana. This pattern will be $1 for a week using the special voucher.....

Pearl Red Moon, new PDF sewing pattern "Aurana"

And shortly after the publication of Aurana this new dress - "Pheenie" will be in the shop.

two versions of PDF pattern Pheenie

sample of dress Pheenie in black and white
Lastly, I know many people have been excitedly waiting for the publication of the Marama Jacket. I am still working on it, I just had to take a break from it for a while as the whole thing was getting too intense and I was in an obsessive spiral. It will definitely happen before the end of this year.

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