Monday 5 December 2016


Nicky Elliot, who is the creative genius that made "Pearl Red Moon" will be having a radio interview at Port Stephens today.

She sent me this:

More great publicity for Createability film 'Pearl Red Moon' today. I'll be chatting live with Bob McKay on Port Stephens FM 100.9, at 11am.

Tune in here

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Unfortunately my memories of living at Port Stephens are marred by my devastatingly awful experience of working for the Port Stephen Council and I sent this to Nicky in response....

Hi Nicky
remember I used to live at Port Stephens?....many years in fact, about 3 years at Mallabula and 5 years at Soldiers Point. I was a cleaner for the Port Stephens Council, cleaning cabins in their holiday parks. Those bastards in management bullied me so badly (because I was annoyingly pedantic about doing the job properly and sick of always covering for the lazy, incompetent male cleaners....) that I tried to commit suicide in 2007 after being ferociously screamed at by a Park Manager at work on Christmas Day. His name is Steve Paul and he was/is? a notorious bully who caused many workers to live in despair and leave their jobs. An absolute arsewipe. Many more unhappy memories about Port Stephens....may it sink into the ocean with the weight of all the holiday tourists, heh...

wear a  life jacket today, just in case I have more power in the world than I think...
all the best to you!

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