Wednesday 9 May 2012

more art from Murrurundi show

Yesterday another trip to Tamworth, another Xray on my ankle and yet another consult with the bone doctor. He said all is looking good and the bone has finally knit together. I was expecting he would then scoot me back to work but he was a little concerned about building up some strength and gave a me a referral to see a physiotherapist. So perhaps another 1-2 weeks before back to work according to how that assessment goes.

I have had a lazy week, not doing much art, though the ideas keep churning away just below conscious level. After winning a prize for my landscape effort I have had to give some serious thought to perhaps doing another! I do love the natural world, Rodney and I are both enthusiastic gardeners, and this is my favorite season of the year in the Upper Hunter Valley area. As I drove the hours journey to Tamworth in the mid morning yesterday I was enthralled with the vistas of yellow, gold and ochre coloured paddocks of dry grass and the pale grey winter skies, tinged with a little mauve or turquoise....

River Water Hole, 34x72cm, winner of "Pages River Theme" at Murrurundi Art Show 2012

The winner of the Fibres/Textiles section was Charlotte Drake-Brockman, a well established local artist. She wove this delightful little melon basket which contained chook feathers and a tiny blue egg. To the right is another entry which is a larger nest made of leaves and twigs and containing duck eggs. A nest won last year perhaps I see a trend here!

Charlotte Drake-Brockman, Melon Basket, winner in Fibres/Textiles section of Murrurundi  Art Show

In August the Arts Council will host the biennial Norvill Art Prize. It is an award given for best landscape painting. The first prize is a very credible $15,000, a very substantial prize for a rural based competition. I am certainly giving the landscape genre more consideration than usual! Anyone who is interested in checking it out should see -

Some entries in the Fibres/Textiles section, including the winner on the table to the left 

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