Saturday 12 May 2012

passing of seasons

A few weeks ago I thought Winter was upon us. We even lit the woodstove a couple of times. Then this lovely balmy respite has given us a week of glorious autumn weather. I so love this time of year between the end of Autumn and true Winter setting in, heralded officially by the first frost. I heard at the garden club that they have had at least one frost already at Blandford - only 6km down the road so its probably just a matter of days before the icy tentacles of Winter tighten its grip around us. So I do my daily walk around the garden  anticipating the day will soon arrive when the last flowers and foliage of 2011 will crumple and return to the ground.

Outside my studio I have a little pond and took this picture of a pink calla lily opening up which grows beside a bust of Kuan Yin, the Buddhist represention of compassion.

Yesterday I started on this new work. It will be called "Beyond" I worked a lot more on it today and it has changed a lot since these photos! This work will be a bit similar to "Still Life"

Today I did some free motion stitching around the face to simulate strands of flowing hair. The figure will feature dimensional bas relief effects of folded cloth....

A close up of the face for "Beyond", oil over acrylic paint

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