Monday 27 February 2012

All living under one sun

All living under one Sun, detail

I finished the new work this afternoon and called it "All living under one Sun"

In this picture there is a lot of textural detailing and no embroidery at all! There are still a lot of fabrics used to create the composition. The "dress" part of the figure is stiffened open weave cotton. To put texture over the background the entire board behind the figure had fabric adhered to it. I used an old synthetic curtain for most of that and also some left over scraps of lace from my wedding dress! The shapes in the upper right corner and around the head are paperclay imprinted with stamps then painted with several layers of paint.

The picture measures 75 x 35cm and is on the deeply rebated 5cm frame I like to mount all my work on.

Here is a picture of "Plumage" hanging amongst other works in my gallery.

I have a new work to start tomorrow!

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