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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

pattern sweatshop

The Judith Suite pattern has been published and is now available for purchase. To see pictures and information  click on the ecommerce shopify icon on the sidebar and go to my internet shop. I called the Judith design a "suite" because the pattern has 2 dress versions, 2 skirts and 3 shirts. So many options that could be mixed and matched in so many ways you could create a new wardrobe for years to come from this single pattern.

Pattern cover of the Judith Suite

I split the pattern into 2 size ranges, sizes XXSmall, XSmall and Small in one bundle and the Medium & MLarge in another so that the individual pattern size can printed without being nested with multiple sizes. The option to print on wide format pages is also given. You can either take the files to Officeworks on a memory stick or send as attachment and they'll print the pattern at actual size on 2 pages measuring 85cm x 119cm, costing $4 each.

I'm hard at work on pattern #3, a tunic called "Adeline" and hope to publish this one at the beginning of March

short version of  Adeline tunic

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - bring it on!

The Zelda pattern has gone through the rigours of being tested by my group of intrepid sewists and will soon be published and up for sale as a pdf download....January 5th I hope.

The testing group was marvellous and with their advice I was able to finesse a few details to get the pattern perfect.

Meantime I'm two thirds of the way into putting together the next design. This one is called "Judith" and is a pull over dress, top or skirt with several options. The Judith design can be made as separates - a short sleeve top and elastic waist skirt. Alternately the skirt can be attached to the drop waist bodice and become a dress. The full circle skirt can be left smoothly hanging or be embellished with tucks that add texture and interest. There are two inset pockets at the waistline which add interest with the way they droop open. Though with a button added the pockets don't have to droop.

If all stays on track (!!??) I hope this pattern will be published before the end of January (this year!)

A colourful version, with tucks in the skirt.
 This one was in my recent exhibition and has been sold.
cotton stripes, lots of fun ways to
use stripes with the Judith

Back view, with tucks
Front view, linen
side view, linen
A cotton print with featuring my digital art
side view, with my digital art print

Front view, with tucks

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Call for testers!

The momentous moment has arrived and the Zelda Top pattern is ready to be sent out for testing..(phew) ...HOORAY!!!

I've worked so hard for 2 months to learn how to set up the pattern as a pdf download. It meant learning to use the Adobe programs Indesign and Illustrator, which were entirely new to me. At the beginning of starting this mission - waaaay back in September I'd optimistically and ignorantly speculated I could pull it together in a couple of weeks. Ha de harredy hahaa....the bliss of ignorance indeed!

Though (so far!) there are no regrets at plunging into this journey. Despite moments (days..!) of intense frustration it feels worth the blood, sweat and tears to acquire all these new skills. Naturally, I hope the long term result will be to make some money back out of the product that so much time and effort has been invested into, but frankly, I feel so elated at all that has been learned and achieved I think it has been worthwhile whether or not there's financial success. On reflection, that is actually a good attitude to have as an artist or you'd never start that journey!

The final stage of developing the pattern before it can be released to market is a very interactive one. I need to get a group of people together who are willing to "test" my pattern by receiving the pdf package, printing it out and making up the garment. Testers will join a closed FB group to give me feedback and share their ideas and experiences with the other testers. Through this process I can find out if there's any faults in the way the pattern is constructed and get advice with the best user friendly way of publishing the instructions.

If any of my blog readers are interested to join in please go to this document to find out more information about what is involved and decide if you want to return your details to me.

click on link to register interest:

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Hi, I'm back after a long quiet spell. However, my inactivity in blogging works in inverse proportion to how busy the rest of my life is....and I have been beavering away like the veritable headless chook (I love mixed metaphors)

My enterprise in setting up an independent clothing designer business is progressing...I've just been sidetracked down the long and winding road. Months back I explained that I felt daunted by the task of grading my clothing patterns (drafting into multiple size fittings) and had sent them away to a specialist company. Six weeks later they had done only half of one pattern so I got them back. The business couldn't be based on a turn around like that!

During my researches on the internet to find a company that would do the grading I discovered an excellent online course that would upgrade my rusty skills and knowledge to the digital era. So I took on the "Pattern Workshop" and for two months have been educating myself in the programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign, specific to designing clothes patterns for publishing in PDF format. It has been both frustrating and elating.

I'm now within a week or 2 of putting out my first design for "testing". This is the last stage of the design process where the pattern and instructions are sent out for checking to people who sew them up and give feedback.

This is the pattern cover I designed for the womens top I call "Zelda"

Zelda pattern cover

a version of Zelda

 Despite the challenges I've had a great time pulling this design together and can't wait to start on the next one. I have at least another 15 patterns that are already styled in my workshop and another 50 ideas that are niggling to be made real, so now the greatest frustration is where to start and not having enough hours in the day!

Friday, 5 September 2014


Violetta, digital image by Pearl Red Moon, 2014

This newly created image will be developed into a textile soon...The face is taken from a painting I did in 2002.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Green dress, red roses

A new image "Green dress, red roses"

Green dress, red roses; digital image by Pearl Red Moon, 2014

And the image below is the repeat to be printed on fabric. Very large at 160 wide x180m long.

Green dress, red roses; digital image by Pearl Red Moon, 2014.  Repeat on textile

I haven't posted much lately but various projects are still coming together. I'm looking forward to launching my range of womens clothing patterns and, as ever, I'd optimistically speculated a few months ago that I'd be able to do that by the end of last month....heh.

In a May post I talked about my uncertainty of taking on the task of grading the patterns into multiple sizes. Though I trained as a Patternmaker in the late 1980s and know the theory of grading I haven't done it enough to be confident of doing it well and properly. I let my indecision over this paralyse me for several weeks, then came to terms with it and sought out someone in the industry to contract to do it.

I'm waiting on getting back 4 designs and in the meantime are writing up the making instructions. I'd like to be able to say when the designs will be ready for marketing - but having already let my enthusiasm suggest wrongly! - I'll just settle for predicting "as long as a piece of string"

My patterns will be different from the old fashioned, established commercial companies (you know who they are!) I still remember my very first school sewing project back in 1972. I made a little sleeveless blouse with darts and facings, from cotton fabric with little pink flowers (ick! is everything designed ever since a reaction to that pink flowered fabric?!) What a shock to open up the Butterick pattern instructions and try to decipher the weird and arcane method of making up. We were actually taught how to do something called tailors tacks (don't ask!) Within a few weeks I was purposely sticking pins through my cheeks so I could get detention and be sent out of the "Home Economics" class, I kid you not....

My distaste and aggravation for the making up instructions of the commercial pattern companies has only intensified over the years. For the short period of time that I bought commercial patterns (until at age 23 I went to TAFE and became a trade certified Patternmaker and Sample Machinist in 1987) after opening the packet I would simply discard the instructions unread and figure out how to do it through my own system of logic.

I'll be applying that same system of logic developed over the last 40 years in the patterns I design. No ridiculous 5/8" seams! phooaar!! for tailors tacks, haha harreddy haha! Patterns will be really simple too, so far of the 15 patterns I've developed none of them has darts or zips, I even hate using interfacing!

Wait and see...coming soon!... when I get to the end of that piece of string...

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

more Lucy

"Lucy loves Paisley" digital image Pearl Red Moon, 2014

I've been using a face I call "Lucy" for about 5 years in my art. To date I've made about 15 different versions. Here is another digital interpretation that will be printed on fabric soon. The repeat will be very large, the image above being 142cm wide and 170cm long when printed.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wear my Art exhibition up and running...

Yesterday we were in Sydney setting up the show at the Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain. My amazing husband constructed a fabulous frame to enable the clothes to be hung in the middle of the room and walked around. The 9 large digital prints were displayed on the walls.

I was incredibly pleased and proud of the finished result and the display immediately drew attention from passersby. One lady who came in off the street had lived in the area for decades and hadn't ever been in or noticed the Gallery for the 5 years it has existed!

We only stayed around for about an hour after the installation was finished as we faced a 4 hour drive home. In that time more than a dozen visitors came in and were already making sales! ....perhaps I'll become an overnight sensation after 30 years making art and exhibiting!!!

Rodney took these great pictures....

Blue Tattoo dress and digital image on the wall behind

The front row of the gallery display

Showing the 3 rows of garments on display

view from the front window of the gallery

from the footpath outside Breathing Colours

second hanging row of the installation

just inside of Breathing Colours front door

Sashi tunic and digital image "Carbon Sisters" on the wall of the gallery

"Chrysalis Woman" painting on the gallery wall behind tunic featuring the same image

from left to right - Sashi tunic, digital image "Pussy Whiskers" on the gallery wall, Sunspot Daisy tunic, and part of the digital image "Blue Tattoo " on the wall

Pearl peeping out from behind Sweet Leah tunic

The exhibition is open normal working hours until 5pm on Sunday 3rd August 2014. The Gallery address is 442 Darling Street, Balmain, Sydney.

Rodney and I will be in the gallery on Saturday 2nd August between 2 - 5pm and would love to invite everyone for wine and finger food.

See you there!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

more art to wear

A day and half until setting up my exhibition in Sydney. We are all packed and ready to go tomorrow on the 4 hour drive.

Here's some more pictures of the art and dresses....

Sunspot Daisy tunic, 100% cotton knit and my artwork for the print on the wall behind

Blue Tattoo dress, 100% cotton sateen. On the wall behind is my shop logo "Boho Banjo" which also features the Blue Tattoo image

The Blue Tattoo, digital image, 120 x 81cm, on high gloss archival photo paper

On Monday 28th July Rodney and I will be at Breathing Colours Gallery setting up the exhibition and it will be open until the following Monday 4th August.

The gallery is open 7 days during normal working hours.

Please call in and see the show and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Legless in Murrurundi

Less than a week to go before my exhibition "Wear my Art" opens at Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain, Sydney and I'm working hard to get everything prepared. Yesterday I picked up the large digital prints of my art work and spent this day mounting them for display in the gallery.

To give an impression of the scale they are printed at this is me standing next to the largest print - "Siamese Pussy Whiskers"....I am 1.6m tall and so is the print....

Pearl standing next to the image "Siamese Pussy Whiskers"

Unfortunately there is a lot of glare across the middle of the picture, that is sunlight, not the print.

I mounted all 9 of the images for the exhibition ready to take to the gallery this coming Sunday.

(the light is so weird in that photo I look legless and floating in a disembodied sort of way....!!!)