Sunday 26 February 2023

Standing For Women rally

I will be attending the Standing For Women rally with UK womens rghts activist Kellie-Jay Keen in Sydney on Saturday 11th March at Victoria Park. Kicks off at 12pm.

All welcome, including those who don't feel they really understand what is going on with the spread of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its evil twin, Trans Gender Ideology (Queer Theory), collectively and colloquially known as "Woke".

All women are invited to address the gathering to talk about how the infiltration of trans gender ideology into their workplaces, public/social lives and families is affecting them. I plan to give my own little speech outlining how I've been cancelled on social media and what my fears are as this pernicious ideology becomes more and more embedded into our daily lives.

The Standing For Women rally on 11th March  in Sydney will be Kellie-Jays first event and then she will go on to visit 6 more Australian cities. I hope to get the last in Canberra on March 23rd too,

List of Standing for Women events in Australia in March 2023

Scroll down to March, where the Australian dates and venues are given.

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