Sunday 19 February 2023

Queens Speech Episode 32 - THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF STURGEON!

I love these guys and watch them every week on YouTube.

Here they discuss what happened to the Sturgeon that swam too far up shit creek. Hopefully Australian politicians will be taking note of the backlash when the public wakes up to getting sold down the river. For example, the egregious Attorney General of Queensland, Shannon Fentiman who has introduced the same self-ID legislation into Queensland. Women of the states of Queensland and Victoria be warned, its now perfectly legal for any bloke to say he's a woman and have this legal fiction be upheld. So next time theres a bloke in the change room of your local pool waving his whizzer around, think twice about complaining as you may be the one who gets in trouble for being a transphobe bigot.

In the last part of the video things get dark as they discuss a new book about to be published by British journalist Hannah Barnes who has done an explosive investigation into what was happening to kids under 18 at the Tavistock gender clinic who were referred for counselling.

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