Tuesday 20 August 2019

Smash ChicV

Blog readers….I’m so grateful to the many of you who’ve reached out lately to send messages of support for my current situation with the criminal enterprise ChicV. And thanks to the many who repost my blogs so others are getting warned not to get taken in by the scammers. It is working because every day I get more and more messages from people who came across the negative feedback and send thanks that they didn’t purchase the hideous fakes made by ChicV.

I remain deeply distressed at the ongoing fraud ripping off innocent customers of their money. Numerous scenarios of how ChicV could be stopped come and go through my head. Its obvious they base the ongoing success of their criminal enterprise on the cynical knowledge of how difficult it is to stop an international fraud. ChicV is registered in China and operate their mass manufacturing industries there. I am an artisan living in Australia. The internet businesses which facilitate ChicV to stay in business are in the USA. Facebook (Instagram) and Shopify are the platforms ChicV utilise for their online shops. Paypal facilitates payments from customers to ChicV.

my art to wear coat "Coat for the Recalcitrant Bohemian Princess"

I don’t want to approach this by stopping the faking of just my own 8 designs.

Get my own stuff taken down, sigh with relief, wash my hands of it and walk away….leaving dozens of other small artisan makers still being exploited, now and into the future. I want ChicV, as the serpent that sprouts all the nasty hydra heads that come and go as popup shops, to be truncated.

There are 3 potential ways to stop it = 1) ask ChicV to stop  2) ask Facebook and Shopify to stop hosting a criminal activity  3) ask Paypal to stop facilitating exchange of money for goods that are sold on fraudulent representations.

Option 1 is definitely not going to work.
Options 2 and 3 have potential.

But I need help. I can’t do this by myself. After having this issue derail my life for a month I’ve been able to consider all the huge ramifications it involves…

International politics. International ecommerce law. Copyright law. Representing numerous international complainants. Tens of thousands of defrauded customers. The corrupt policies of businesses like Facebook and Paypal which continue to facilitate criminal activity….

In truth I think dealing with ChicV would be a full time job for a team of highly educated legal professionals.

Please help by asking anybody you know, who you might think has the capacity to drive this, or organisation, politician, lawyer, rights advocate, whatever, whomever if they could take this on.

Please repost on Facebook so that if there is somebody out there who might feel equipped to take this on can get started…..

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