Sunday 24 February 2019

Dressing up part 3

Today I'm getting very close to finishing the upcycled jacket. It needs a name rather than that broad description so it's going to be referred to as the Murra Coat from now on. Here's a picture of where I finished up by the end of yesterday. Saturday, it was a super busy day in the studio with a half dozen visitors stopping by for a chat (hello Yoni! Inga!) so I only ended up doing about 3 hours work on it.

Murra coat, day 2 after about 8 hours work

As you can see the pockets have been added and the sleeves attached. The side seams will stay open for a while yet as I need to work on it flat. This way it goes under the machine foot plus hand stitched details can be added with ease. Only the bands need be added to the fronts and around the neck.

Right sleeve, folded with underarm seams meeting. The cuff is turned back

the right sleeve flattened out

Above are some close ups of one of the sleeves. The cuff is intended to turn back so I sewed a fabulous wide piece of vintage Indian embroidered edging with elephants on the inside of the sleeve. Look closer to notice some more details like the bit of running stitch embellishment in between the zigzag stencil prints and along the bottom of that stenciled piece is a twisted strip cut from a knit teeshirt. That was 2 narrow strips twisted into a thick cord and sewed on with 6 strands of DMC embroidery thread. I'll add a lot more of that particular very textured detail to other areas of the coat before its finished.

These kind of applied details maketh the art....

I'll be showing where things are at with the Murra Coat later on today or tomorrow morning.

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