Wednesday 26 July 2017

Get Stitched together....

Its been exciting to see over 100 of you take the free Aurana Top pattern in the last couple of days. I look forward to pictures of your makes filling my inbox!

The link is gone today….😭 ….but please don’t be disappointed if you want the pattern. By the end of this month – July 2017 – I’ll be publishing a new edition of my revived ezine “Get Stitched”. Included in the fantastic items exploding from the newsletter will be a voucher to purchase the Aurana Top in my Etsy shop for $1. You can only use the voucher once and it will expire after 10th August so if you’re not already a subscriber all you need do is fill in the subscribe link on the right side bar of this blog. It is a monthly publication so you won’t be lambasted with emails.

I’m writing Get Stitched because I want to share all sorts of great information and links to keep you inspired as a sewist and textile artist. It will be chock full of sewing tips rounded up from the internet and ideas for textile art techniques, pictures of art to wear and adornments. We all lead busy lives and want to spend as much of our leisure time as possible imagining and creating things with our hands. So I hope Get Stitched will be a resource you can go to that is a collection of gems you can dive into and use to enrich your creativity.

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