Tuesday 1 August 2017

Sewed my finger

Get Stitched - my textile art ezine - was sent out yesterday with a great flourish....TAH-DAH!!!!
But whoopsie, doopsie...as I raced down that last seam of the hem....I put the needle though my finger...OUCH!!!

I'm apologising here for having included some discount codes to buy patterns in my Etsy shop that didn't work. It was wonderful and flattering that so many of you wanted to take up the offer and I was then mortified you were disappointed. This has become an embarrassing lesson about the importance - and necessity! - of testing these things first.

After a few hours of meltdown...with the love, patience and forbearance of my saintly husband...I'm glad to be able to announce that the codes are now fixed up and triple tested!

For a 90% discount on the Aurana Top, until August 11th, enter this at checkout


For a 20% discount on End Point, Medium sizes, or End Point, Large sizes, until August 15th, enter this at checkout


Now I have a band aid on my finger and will retire for the rest of the day to nurse the injury!

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