Saturday 11 February 2017

Everything is hot, hot, hot.....

The Two Pegs PDF pattern is available to buy in my etsy shop - use link in the right side bar if you want to check it out.

The Two Pegs pattern cover
I haven't opened my shop or worked in the studio for the last 2 days as I'm cowering at home and trying to keep cool as a catastrophic heatwave is engulfing New South Wales. Theres no air conditioning in my shop/studio - or at home either. But at home I can run a cold shower to get under if things get too oppressive. It's 2.30 pm and just hitting on 40 celsius at the moment (105 fahrenheit) so maybe a little hotter to go yet. Or highest ever recorded temperature here was February 2016 at 41.8C. At present some places further inland are 45C now and may get to!!!

I'm trying to keep my mind off the torrents of sweat dripping off my chin and down my back by keeping busy. Yesterday I bought home a bag of adornments from the studio that have never been in the Etsy shop and have been photographing and uploading them.

Jade cuff

Penelope necklace

Mughal cuff

Nippon postcard cuff

Brass Butterfly cuff

All these can be found in my Etsy shop right now, if you want to see other views and prices.

More stuff to add if I don't drop dead from heat exhaustion in the next few days....(my husband is a retained Fireman with Fire Rescue NSW so I'm also desperately hoping he won't get a call out to some raging inferno!)

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