Thursday 10 December 2015

adornments for you

I've been off on an exciting creative tangent for 2 months. As a mixed media artist I've always enjoyed using a wide range of mediums and making a wide variety of adornment. Along with fabric beads have often been a medium I use. In using beads to make adornments what attracts me is the potential for creating micro scale 3 dimensional sculptures. (I find the description "jewellery" annoying, as I don't use anything that is "precious metal" or a "jewel" in my work. Sometimes maybe crystals and semi precious gems)

I will eventually return to cloth and clothing design but for the last few months I've been loving this foray into making adornments. Plus it can be justified in that it expands the range of "products" I make....

I recently started adding earrings and necklaces to the Shopify store and revived an old Etsy shop I'd let lapse since a brief experiment in 2008 (I found Etsy won't let you start a new shop from scratch even though I only tried it out for a few weeks in 2008)

 At present I've only listed a dozen items and have about 50 more to add. I find it so hard to discipline myself to do all the tedious photography and writing up the blurb to advertise them for sale as when I arrive in the studio and see all the gorgeous resources glittering on the work table, they call to me to indulge in the pleasure of creating a new piece of art, rather than the humdrum necessity of commerce.....

So please buy something soon so I can keep making these beauties....and I'll put my tortured nose to the grindstone over the next week or 2 to get everything listed. Most of these adornments are one of a kind or won't be reproduced in editions bigger than 4. It would kill me with boredom if I had to sit down and become a one woman production line....

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