Sunday 19 July 2015

updates from Kangastan

I realised the dates I gave for the publication of my various blog posts in the USA were wrong! We down under (living in the southern hemisphere) are a day AHEAD of the top dwellers...therefore let me correct the dates

*** "I Love Lagenlook" on the Curvy Sewing Collective - going to air on 23rd July in Australia and New Zealand, otherwise being lived as the 22nd of July in the Northern Hemisphere

*** part 1 of fabric embellishment tutorial for "Patchwork Polly" on the Swhetty Betties blog appears on the 22nd July in Kangastan(Australia) and 21st July up there.

All this number stuff and trying to visualise hard concepts like backwards/forwards, before/after, ahead/behind is very challenging for a dyslexic.

Heres some more pictures I took to include in the Patchwork Polly tutorial. I developed this method of making patchwork for wearable garments out of my admiration for the traditional Korean art of patching fabric called either pojagi or bojagi

a patchwork garment made in knit with contrast red serging

In the tutorial you'll learn my method for cutting and patching together the textile. While its a respectful nod at the pojagi aesthetic this textile is serged together with the overlocker stitching on the outside of the garment becoming a decorative element. Traditional pojagi would have been french seamed together....I envy you if you have the time!

vest made in Pearls "Patchwork Polly" method, with multiple prints

Patchwork Polly vest made in mesh, all one colour

black mesh Patchwork Polly vest over one of my dress designs 
In the second part of the tutorial, to be published on July 30th for the down unders and July 29th for the upside! I'll give a link for this FREE vest pattern and give the steps for making it.

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