Thursday 21 November 2013

Win some, lose some,,,,

Newcastle City Council selected my digital image "Fly with Peace, Love, Goodwill" as one of the images they will be illuminating city buildings with from the 29th November through to Christmas! I'm really thrilled as I love making digital manipulations but often struggle with using Photoshop, so this is a huge affirmation.

Digital image by Pearl Red Moon, "Fly with Peace, Love, Goodwill" 2013

Then shortly after hearing that delightful news I received a phone call from Paddington Market in Sydney. Paddington is renowned as possibly Sydneys most high end art and craft market and is notoriously difficult to get accepted into. An application I made about 6 years ago was rejected. A few weeks ago I girded my courage and put in another application to become a trader there.The phone call today was an invitation for an interview to show my I'm hoping and hoping they will find my Boho Banjo womenswear a desirable commodity to include in the market.....

Down Under Textiles magazine asked me to submit an item about my art so I've been busily writing that up all morning. I think it will come out in their January 2014 edition.

The only indifferent news I've had today is that the poster design submitted to Olive Tree Market wasn't selected as first, second or third placegetter.

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