Sunday 9 June 2013

Visage book is almost finished

Only a couple of weeks to go before Rodney and I head off to Brisbane to be students at Textile and Art Academy 2013. Almost a couple of years ago I joined Project 22, an altered book project that was proposed by Lena Tisdall, the convener of TAA. She called for 22 participants and laid out a very loose set of suggestions for creating a book. Virtually the only requirement was that at least a portion of a certain book she had selected should be used in the project. All 22 participants received the same book. The finished books will be on display at the event for the 7 day duration.

I started work on the book about six months ago and are finally close to finishing. Very little of the original book is identifiable. I completely dismantled it, cutting off the spine to release the individual pages then glued 3-4 together to create rigid boards and then gessoed over the original text and pictures. I assembled my art on the pages and stitched them onto a strip of canvas which was folded concertina style and stitched to a spine. On pages 7-8 there is small flap which is the only identifiable fragment of the original book.

Pages 7-8, the image to the upper right is a flap that turns back

the flap turned back, revealing an image of a little ferry boat and the word "River" at the upper left, which are cut from the back page of the original book. The frame of the flap surrounding the faint image of the eye and nose was also from the original back page of the book

pages 8-9

pages 5-6

The last thing I have to do today is make a box or container to enclose the book then it will be sent off to Brisbane next week.

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