Thursday 5 April 2012

Peacock feather

This is the beginning of a new work today. The original photo it is being taken from is stuck to the left side of the canvas. Above them is a small swatch of an embellished textile I plan to replicate to use for the models garment.

My friend Sally asked me if I was interested in doing a picture based on one of her photos. Sally is an incredibly talented photographer and took Rodney and I wedding photos. She is having an exhibition at the end of this month and asked Rodney to pose for her with some of his paintings. During the photo session I was admiring some of the other pictures she'd taken and Sally was intrigued to ask me to interpret one of her images in my particular way...and the beginnings of this challenge is what I've gotten onto the canvas today.

Initially the figure was blocked in with acrylic paint then I decided to complete the face, shoulders and arm with oil paint. It allows for so much more control and subtlety. At first I thought I might do a really loose, abstract interpretation....then I changed my mind and decided to do a much more realistic and tight extrapolation. If only to show that I can be clever and technically skilled if I choose to be....hahaha! That desire to be really loose and free was a reaction to having gotten into a place of frustration with all the fussing around to get the details of the previous work tidied up and looking right. I make art because it makes my world FUN!!!=bigger, brighter and more interesting....if it starts turning into a boxed in discipline of rules, regulations and conventions then -waaahhAAAHHHHH I want to get out! quick smart!!!!

One problem with using oil paint is that it will be up to week before the paint has cured enough so that I can handle the canvas without the potential for smearing and ruining the surface before it can be put under the machine for the textile embellishment. But I this shouldn't be a problem as I have 2 other images I was planning to start working on as soon as possible. I'll start working on them and get back to this one when its ready. Sallys exhibition deadline is April 22 so I will need to not let this one get lost up the garden path.

I am really looking forward to doing that peacock feather!

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