Wednesday 11 April 2012

Autumn has arrived

Hi Maude, lovely to hear from you. I'm just about to go down to the home studio to finish work on Peacock Feather right now! Rodney is teaching his Wednesday art class down at the Upstairs Art Studio this morning and will be home after 1pm. He plans to get out the framing equipment and build the board I need for Still Life and stretch Peacock Feather over a I hope to able to show the finished work on my next blog this evening.

The weather here is definitely changing to cool and autumn like. This weekend we put 2 blankets on the bed but I was cold last night! It seems a little early to be putting the doona on, but I shall be! We even made some tentative jokes about lighting the wood stove last night. We  have a functioning wood stove in the kitchen and use it every day for 5-6 months during Winter.

The studio is wonderful for Summer, with my double plantation shutters opening onto the garden, but its very cold over Winter. The last couple of years I usually bought my work up the house and didn't spend much time there. But with our exhibition at Muswellbrook Gallery coming up in early August I need to keep on producing new works. Last year we bought a small gas heater that I used with a gas bottle but I was always very nervous using it, with the amount of textiles and paint mediums, such as turpentine, that I always have around me. So my wonderful husband, who is my greatest supporter and facilitator! has gotten me a wall mounted gas heater and plans to get the gas bottle installed on the outside wall of the studio with a proper regulator and piping. At the end of this week he is planning to pick up some window glass at Tamworth to cover the open slats of the plantation shutters. I'll be a snug bug all Winter!

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