Monday 9 April 2012

Still Life

Yesterday I finished painting Peacock Feather and set her aside for a few days while the oil paint cures until  the canvas can be handled to put it under the sewing machine for embroidering.

Today I started work on a new canvas. Below is the work started on the face as at the end of today. To start the face was blocked in with acrylic paint. Then I did some free motion machining on the hair. Then the face was over painted and almost completed with oil paint. There is a little more finishing work to do on it

Still Life, face on the first day

At the moment the face is on a scrap of canvas about 40x50cm. I have a rather ambitious concept of doing quite a large scale whole figure, possibly the largest work I've done recently....

Unfortunately, I may not make much progress tomorrow. We need to go to Scone to do some grocery shopping and I need Rodney to build a backing board to mount the finished to work on.

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  1. I am amazed with your work. I love getting the regular updates. Cant wait to see the finished peacock feather and the new one is going to fantastic


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