Tuesday 21 February 2012

Up and away!

Plumage, complete but not on stretcher

Finally, after nearly a month of restriction, my broken ankle has healed sufficiently that I can hobble around without crutches. I've been able to get down the back yard to my studio and resumed work on Plumage about 3 days ago. Fortunately the work was at the stage where most of the work was embroidery while sitting at the machine rather than standing and painting at the easel. This afternoon I sewed the last stitch and called it finished! Here is a picture of the unframed canvas which presently measures 63x 91cm. It will be approximately 50x 78cm when stretched.

Here are some more pictures which show more closely the surface detail

I still have possibly another 3 weeks off work until the doctor considers me fully recovered enough from the injury to be able to start work again. So it is great to have some relative mobility and be able to anticipate quite a bit more time for working uninterrupted on some more art. It would be fantastic to do perhaps 2 or even 3 more completed works! A canvas on the scale of Plumage generally takes 40-60 hours from concept, research, working drawings to completion.

I have an idea for the next work. Have done some preliminary drawings, though I seldom spend a lot of time  plotting things out in a very organised way. I have a concept visualised for the face and stance of the figure. The figure contained within the canvas will be the face, right shoulder and torso to the waist. I want to work in an "earthy" palette of colour; browns, cream, ochres and orange with strong linear black detailing....I want a lot of textures in this work....

Work will begin preparing the canvas tomorrow and I will return to more regular updating of the blog to describe the progress


  1. Glad you are back on your feet. I enjoy reading your blog and following your artistic journey.

  2. Hi Nancy! how lovely to hear from you. I didn't know you had been reading my blog. I hope you are still making your own wonderful art dolls. Give my regards to the Ottawa doll making gals. I wonder if you are getting towards the end of Winter(?)and if so, you must be looking forward to having your pretty garden burst back into life!


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