Wednesday 11 January 2012

back home, sweet home

This morning I send a close up picture of the face and completed "hair" embellishment for Abigail. I have a little more embroidery work on this canvas, perhaps 3-4 hours, then it will be ready for stretching. At present the unstretched canvas measures 61x88cm and will be quite a lot smaller after stretching. 

Late yesterday afternoon Rodney and I got home after our little sojourn in Sydney and at Pretty Beach. As relaxing as being away on "holiday" can be in some senses - like having delicious meals prepared and presented, minimal obligations to housework - I really miss being away from home and my studio and art materials. In August this year Rodney and I will be having a joint exhibition of our art at Muswellbrook Regional Art Gallery and I'm determined to work towards that in a disciplined way to have at least 20 new artworks for the walls. So I'm tending to count the hours that the necessities of life are taking me away from the time that could be devoted to art. The next couple of weeks in addition to the days I normally work, I have offered to assist at a couple of art workshops for people with Autism at a town an hour and half drive each way from home so.... as rewarding as that will be in its own way! means a couple of days less for art this month.

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