Thursday 1 June 2023

My apprentice is totally a Galah

My husband and I love birds and keep 14 of them as pets.

Lucy Lou, is an Australian native parrot that we call a Galah. Americans usually refer to her species as a Pink Breasted Cockatoo. Galahs are numerous in Australia and as I live in a rural area there are literally flocks of them in my yard most days. Along with King Parrots, Rosellas and all sorts of adorable little finches.

We've had Lulu for nearly a year, since she was about 6 weeks hatched (when we first got her I had to hand feed her liquid formula) and she is extremely tame. Lulu, and another one of our parrots, Rozita, who is an Eclectus female, live freely in our house and have never been caged.

Lulu interacts with us during the day as we go about doing things in our house. She absolutely loves beads and textile art. She is so naughty I literally can't do any beading or stitching with her in the room as she will want to take the scissors or needles out of my fingers. She will bite, screech and fight to take fabric, beads and needles off me. To get any textile art done without harassment I have to shut her in the conservatory or leave the house altogether and go to my studio to get any hands on work done.

This morning I made this video of Lulu playing around on my part made garment for the Australian Wearable Art Festival which is hanging in my lounge room.

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