Wednesday 28 December 2022

Tip #2 for avoiding going down with the Woke virus.

Tip #2 for avoiding going down with the Woke virus 

Be very wary of who calls themselves a feminist by 

carefully unpacking the message they broadcast.      

One type to be warded off will make it obvious with these blatant language signals - pronouns in social media bios and referring to women as cis women.

I’m going to describe my recent interaction with fake feminist Clementine Morrigan who is a superb example of a libfem handmaiden.

There is a super simple test to discern who is a dinky di feminist and who is a virus addled pretender. A feminist is a woman who makes the rights, dignity and safety of women and girls (regardless of nationality, ethnicity or melanin) a priority in every community. Feminism is by women and for women.


Thus, any woman who believes a man can be a woman is not a feminist. If you do not believe Homo Sapiens are a dimorphic reproducing species of mammal, sharing genetic material through fusing of gametes (male) and ovum (female) to procreate our species….well, then you have probably not just touched grass for a long time, you probably deny it exists.


While I’m working in the studio throughout the day I listen to music, YouTube videos, audio books and podcasts. I forget whose was the specific podcast, but a few months back somebody was having an admiring interview with Clementine Morrigan. My Australian readers would likely be aware of prominent Aus feminist Clementine Ford but she is a different person. Morrigan is Canadian. 

I have a sort of romantic connection with Canada, having had one of its citizens fertilise my ovum with his gamete back in 1979, and as I was the uterus haver I pushed a baby (AMAB) out of my front hole 8 months later (he was premature).

I publish on Substack. Mostly I crosspost from this blog as a back up in case I’m cancelled (as I have been on Patreon, Twitter and intermittently get bans from YouTube. Shadow banned on Instagram for 9 months. A whole Pinterest board was removed with more than 500 lnks, claiming the links were to “hate speech”, etc). When I publish writings only on Substack its usually because they are more specifically about my resistance to Critical Social Justice. My Substack is free and anyone is welcome to join it if they are curious to know more. If you are mainly interested in my art then it probably won't interest you.

Pearl Red Moon on Substack, writes as Cosmic Pearl

After being impressed with her podcast interview I started following Morrigan on her Instagram then stopped after a few weeks when she used the gaslighting word cis women and I realised she was a Mens Rights Activist. Later I noticed she was on Substack so I read her latest piece and was so incensed I took out a paid subscription precisely so I could make a rebuttal to what she had wrote.

This is a link to her Substack item.

Clementine Morrigan, On Dehumanisation

This was my response

I recently stopped following you on IG but are delighted to find you write this Substack where I can sate my curiosity to investigate what I interpret as your rehash of the (old) New Age of All We Need is Love.

First test for you – I have been cancelled and blocked from following numerous social media (blocked often in advance of my first visit! there appears to be some sort of shared blacklist amongst the Woke) because I’m white (= racist, white supremacist) and a transphobe (= I say men cannot become women). Can you tolerate a white terf here?

Also, along those lines, I'd be curious if you have cancelled ppl from following your platforms and why? You didn't answer the DM query I sent asking if you believe men can be women. But I didn't take that personally as I realise a high profile influencer must get heaps and heaps of messages and there was no obligation to respond.

Reading this sure pushed buttons for me. Especially as it seems written to carefully exclude any sex based analysis of violence. Rape, it seems can happen to anybody! It set off alarm bells for me that you wrote perhaps a 1000 words about dehumanisation and violence without once referring to men/males or women/females. The reality is that violence is done by men to women and children of both sexes 91% of the time. I am deeply cynical that your call for the amorphous desexualised peeps that have been dehumanised by acts of violence to expend their energies on developing empathy for perpetrators is really a great idea.

I am glad I took the men who raped me to court. I didn’t try to kill them myself (having found out already they were stronger and knew how to use knives) but sought the legal resolution. However, I’m ashamed to acknowledge having weakly collapsed into long sessions of dehumanising them, especially as they subsequently broke into my house 4x, threatened the life of my 6 year old son, harassed and intimidated me by phoning up to 20x a day and stole and burned out my car. I am still working on having empathy for their humanity 34 years later and still live in hope that I might become a better person when I can ascend beyond the trauma instilled in me.

Your admonishments that I must stop dehumanising goes beyond just because it makes me better person but extends my responsibility to saving the world. To a gnarly old 2nd wave feminist I have heard a zillion iterations of how women must save the world by stopping being angry about violence and oppression.

Are you taking the message about stopping dehumanising to the male perpetrators too? Given the aeons long history of male violence and oppression towards females it may take a bit more than guilt tripping them about how their tendency to objectify is ruining the Social Justice project.

She deleted it.

Morrigan also disables comments on her Instagram.

A “feminist” who doesn’t listen to feedback should set off klaxons and red flashing lights. A feminist who cannot use the word woman is losing her battle with brain maggots. A feminist who thinks rape and violence is an equal problem for everybody and denies the gendered paradigm is nuts.

After a bit more research I was relieved to discover I’m not the only one who understands Morrigan has lost it. Heres a link to a Reddit thread.

Reddit/Hilaria Baldwin

As the creeping virus of Wokeism infects schools, universities, politics and public institutions Morrigan is tragic evidence of how CSJ can turn critical faculties to shit.

Here in Australia the tragedy continues. 

I challenge 3 of our most prominent feminists to persuade the general public exactly why/how men can become women, and why women who reject the idea are wrong and must change their view.

Jane Caro has muted my comments on her Twitter stream

Clementine Ford I stopped following her on Instagram when she referred to cis women.

Bri Lee blocked me on her Substack, Twitter and Instagram, due to using the phrase “men who say they are women” in my one and only comment made to her. So she is adamantly in the #nodebate school of CSJ.

Finishing with the good news!

In March 2023 Australian terven will have the inspirational focus of English activist Kellie Jay Keen visiting and touring major Australian cities with her #LetWomenSpeak rallies. Dates haven’t been released yet but rallies will take place in Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne and possibly Adelaide.

I urge all my readers and those concerned for Womens Rights to check out KJK.

Kellie Jay Keen



I will speak in person at Sydney and Canberra rallies.

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