Wednesday 18 September 2019

Mona Lisa for sale

Mona Lisa arrived in the mail yesterday. This is another fabric print I set up in Photoshop and had supplied by Spoonflower.  The 3 different colourways are now for sale in my Spoonflower shop, bought either by the metre or yard.

Spoonflower Boho Banjo fabric prints

I had it printed in the natural colours of the original Da Vinci painting and in a blue and monochrome versions. The blue will be used to combine with denim upcycled garments.

Below is a picture of an upcycle skirt made about a month ago, featuring a large decorative Frida Kahlo image on the left side. I bought this fabric from Spoonflower too but its a design by somebody else. The reminder of the skirt is patched from several used poly/cotton doona covers. So I intend to cut up my Mona Lisa prints into the various size patches to use in a similar way on future makes. The patches vary in size hugely from about 5cm x 3cm to the biggest at 31cm x 45cm.

I won't be able to play around using them until next week as I'm preparing to teach a workshop at the Tamworth Art Gallery this coming Sunday, Sept 22nd, from 11am - 2pm.

Darning and Reclaiming clothes workshop

It is free and everybody is welcome to come along and enjoy learning some simple skills to darn and patch clothes to greatly increase the long term wearability of them.

the left leg of the jeans are patched, the right leg is darned and darned/patched.

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