Sunday 25 December 2022

My unsolicited advice for tips how not fall asleep behind the wheel in 2023

Until I started banging my head on the brick wall of Critical Social Justice stupidity, beginning with the specific brick named Emily Ito, I didn’t think my personal politics had much interest for the wider world to know about. 

There are some artists who regard their production as being all about their politics and they call themselves conceptual or performance artists. I’m not that sort of artist. I describe myself as a decorative artist because I make art for arts sake. My oeuvre is to create artefacts where I’ve used colour, pattern and texture imaginatively combined. I could also legitimately be called an abstract artist.

                                         Hand of Fatima coat, back is shown. 2020

My preferred artefacts to create are garments because I like the idea of the owner of the art to be displaying it on the outside and putting their body literally inside of the canvas. It amusingly subverts the traditional way of standing externally and away from the art object and regarding it separated in space. I am often surprised that because the art I make presents itself as a wearable object, observers think of them as limited to being just clothes and that the objects only utility is to be worn. 

                                             Hand of Fatima coat, lower left front, 2020

Why should it be thought that putting art on fabric is significantly different from putting paint on the surface of a square of canvas and claiming the only way it can then be appreciated is to be hung on a wall and get described as a “painting”? There is absolutely no reason why someone couldn’t buy one of my art garments and hang them on a wall and call it a painting. If I was a Critical Social Justice warrior, and therefore political – as in a conceptual or performance artist - I would scream my coat identifies as an abstract painting and its pronouns are “painting/contemporary art”. My art garments also have the added bonus of being able to turn it around and show a completely different surface. Two “contemporary art paintings” in one!

The rise of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) ideology and how it’s a powerful compost accelerator - essentially everything it touches turns to shit

Making, showing and selling my art has been the way I interface with the outside world and I thought my artistic production was a perfectly adequate way to manifest my presence in society. Over the last 5 years I became vaguely aware of many progressives adopting an identitarian approach to manifesting their presence in the world. 

My personal response was to find it sort of cringey and judge it signalled a desperate demand for attention that some ppl thought blathering on about their race, sexuality and which letter of LGBTQ+ they identified as was interesting and relevant. In my world view, those are aspects of personality and sexual expression that might be of interest in micro intimate social circles, but are generally of no significance to the wider community. 

However, I’ve come to realise this kind of megaphone pronouncement of “who you are” is a necessary performative aspect of being a proselytiser for CSJ. SJ warriors define their existence within polarities of power and oppression. Visualise a sliding scale going from left to right with the most powerful and least oppressed at the left pole being White Heterosexual Male and the least powerful, most oppressed at the right pole will be a black LGBTQI+ female. (though its actually Trans Black Men, but that’s another complicated issue….). The more signifiers to the left a person has the more shame and guilt they have to acknowledge because its deemed those people have, and are intentionally oppressing everybody after them to the right of the polarity…

Daft, isn’t it!? Not to mention racist, sexist and breathtakingly thick as a brick ignorant.

This my first tip for not getting caught up in CSJ stupidity – 

don’t trust the mainstream media, they have been captured and obediently kowtow to the bricklayers. 

I saw an excellent example on ABC (Australia) television a couple of days ago. On their morning show 2 women presenters were pearl clutching in horror at the British Royal Family being exposed for racism. They were referring to the Ngozi Fulani v Lady Susan Hussey incident. To my incredulity they referred to it as if it were real evidence of racism. That is BS and demonstrates how they lazily trumpet the CSJ narrative instead of doing research.

Below is a small roundup of alternative narratives that are available on YouTube. Ngozi Fulani – not her real name - was born in London as Marlene Headley and is an experienced race grifter who has been profiting quite comfortably off her scam for decades.

The Freethinker Cast:

I Don't Think that she's Racist

Ngozi Fulani WHERE did she go?

Ngozi Fulani: WHERE did the CHARITY FUNDS GO?

additionally TikTok removed her video

FHI Prince Peter:

Lady Susan Hussey - Racially Abused by Ngozi Fulani

Lady Susan Hussey and the Woke Cultural Revolution

Podcast of the Lotus Eaters:

The Royal Race Grifter, Exposed

Tomorrow my next tip will be warning about another CSJ poseur to avoid. Clementine Morrigan is an Olympic class gold medallist contender for Smarmy Hypocrite of the Decade.

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