Sunday 19 May 2019

My kimono is on fire

The one sided censored discussion continues on Helens Closet today.
Helens Dad weighed in with this a few hours ago

As many of you know, there have been discussions happening around the use of the word ‘kimono’ in the making community this week. This is in no way the beginning, but rather, a rise in awareness and conversation that is being led by BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People/Person(s) of Color) makers who are dedicating their … Continue reading Suki Robe Name Change

I want to say publicly how proud I am of my daughter for her work on this issue. When she introduced the Suki pattern I never gave a thought to the use of the word “kimono”. We all have a great deal to learn about this issue, and much to do to change old behaviours/thoughts; and make a future where all cultures/people’s are respected and valued. And Helens Closet is an example of how an individual business can deal with theses issues up front and honestly.
Helen’s Dad

Well, thanks for the advice Hughie, but I still disagree. I find the reference to "up front and honestly" pretty ironic when not one of the "kimono defenders" has had the guts to discuss with me. Emily Ito has blocked me as spam. In my humble opinion Helen hasn't been well educated but rather more coerced with public shaming and threats that she would lose customers. I've been posting my opinions here for 3 days and not one of the "educators" has had the respect to come out and openly, publicly engage with me. I have had posts deleted, refused and been designated a spammer by some blog moderators.

This experience leaves me having to form the opinion that the educators are dirty ghosts who only attack people that they are confident of intimidating.They will claim the moral high ground to overawe and terrorise specific women and have no qualms to censor, reject publishing and refuse to discuss with any other person who calls them out to express a divergent opinion.

I call them cowards and declare shame on you.

After reading Hughies post to his daughter this is what I wrote to Helen at 1.30pm this afternoon:

Hi Helen
I have written to you a couple of times without acknowledgement. I find your stonewalling attitude and censoring of any divergent opinions to be published on your blog pretty appalling. Shame on you that you only feel comfortable presenting a one sided version of the story. I have been trying for about 3 days to get somebody to actually interact with my thoughtful and educated opinions regarding the use of the word kimono by non Japanese. It seems that the people who have taken the time and energy to coerce and shame particular "white" women designers hide under rocks as soon as somebody who is educated about the issues wants to engage.
I invite you to follow my one woman shadow boxing argument on my
I fear you have been so brainwashed and cowed by your experience with the "educators" that you don't even realise I'm sticking up for you and other women designers of "white" identity.
I hope you'll at least respect my courage and intelligence by reading my blog and learning how to have the spine to stick up for principles.

genuinely all the best

Pearl Red Moon

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