Friday 17 January 2014

Sunflower dayz

This Sunflower self seeded in our garden from seed we put out to feed the wild parrots. I had a feeling it wasn't a weed so Rodney and I carefully avoided pulling it out when it first appeared.

After slogging away for about 6 weeks in all the "spare" time I could muster around work I've finally accumulated enough clothing stock to make a trip worthwhile to Paddington Markets in Sydney. If we can get in as casual stallholders we plan to be there for the Australia Day weekend, January 25th. Will put up some pictures of my latest art to wear creations over the next few days.

On my Pinterest pages I've been following the progress of the developing hobby of "Zentangle" art. I made this illustration inspired by it

"Anna Zentangle"

I'll use this image to embellish some of my garments

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