Tuesday 5 November 2013

One image can go a long way....

Newcastle City Council are also having a Christmas competition for artworks to display in the shopping area. So I pulled up "Aussie Icon" again and did some more manipulations in photoshop.

The original work was intended as an ironic interpretation of traditional european virgin icon images. The "virgin" figure was overlaid onto a lavishly warm backdrop resembling the brilliant rust orange colour of the australian desert. The little paisley motifs drifting around the central figure sort of vaguely resemble aboriginal motifs....

Aussie Icon 1, mixed media canvas by Pearl Red Moon, 2011

The Newcastle Council are calling for images that refer to Christmas. As a secular humanist there is no religious iconography that would be meaningful for me. I came up with this which is called "Fly with peace, love and good will"

Fly with peace, love and good will

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