Sunday 10 November 2013


I still haven't found time to photograph all the new clothes!

Then the last couple of days I got engrossed in making some wearable adornments. Below is a picture of a mixed media necklace. The lovely focal picture is a miniaturised version of one of Rodneys portraits - "Violet". The dangling motifs are hand embroidered as is the larger one above the picture of Violet. I've forgotten what the polished stones are the necklace is strung on.

mixed media necklace by Pearl Red Moon with face by Rodney Swansborough 

Then I made three cloth cuffs.

Cuffs standing upright

3 cloth and mixed media cuffs by Pearl Red Moon, 2013

In another week or 2 I'll open another section in my etsy shop for adornments. The cuff in the middle featuring the image of Frida Kahlo has already been sold. The other cuffs are $55 each. The necklace is $95.00

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