Sunday 27 January 2013

A thread that runs through

A thread that runs through, day 1
"Ava" is finished and Rodney built the complex frame that I want to mount the work on. When that is complete I'll show the finished item in a future blog.

While he was building the frame I started blocking in a new work on a piece of canvas. The photo above shows what I'd completed after a few hours.

Three days ago I was surfing around internet sites looking at what some other favourite mixed media artists are blogging and doing. I came across a "call for art" from well known USA artist Lesley Riley. She is proposing to publish a book based on pictures that were inspired by quotes. So thinking this was great idea and that I'd like to have a go at contributing I emailed Lesley and got a couple of quotes. She sent me these -

"The painting is like a thread that runs through all the reasons for all the other things that makes ones life" Georgia O'Keeffe

"Beauty is the sense of life and the awe one has in its presence" Willa Cather

The work that was started today will be based on the first quote by Georgia O'Keeffe (strangely enough even though I've been to Santa Fe in New Mexico, USA, 3 times I've never been to O'Keeffes art museum....??!!)

My concept is to have the central floating figure drawing down threads from above which run through her hands and drape down around her body to start weaving the garment she wears and that the ends of the garment trail off from her feet and drift off the bottom of the canvas.....

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