Tuesday 12 June 2012

Art Bazaar report

Hi to MS (www.middle-state.com) thanks for your delightful comment on my last blog post. Of course I went over to check out your blog and we have a bit of mutual admiration going on here!....you write beautifully - with an elegiac sweet langour and an intense sensitivity to the lowing rhythms of nature murmuring below the clamour, the restless and constant movement and the inane chatter of our species. I absolutely adore the quote from Anais Nin. If I could make pictures as elegantly as you compose words then I shall feel truly accomplished!

Rodney and I had an enjoyable weekend putting our art out for sale at Maitland Art Bazaar. It is nearly a 3 drive from where we live so we went down Saturday night and stayed with Bobbi Oliver who is a well known local doll artist - http://www.lamboart.blogspot.co.au . Thanks to Bobbi and Jane for being fun hostesses. Then on Sunday we had to set up shop at 7am in the morning....ugh!

Fortunately, it didn't rain, as the weather report had predicted. That is always a great relief when you have 30-40 items of your precious art under essentially a large canvas umbrella.We heard it was raining heavily in Newcastle only about 15 km away so it was simply luck that it didn't quite blow over us. I demonstrated free motion embroidery to an interested crowd of ladies who were amazed what a needle and thread unleashed from the conventional sewing foot can do. I've already had a message from someone who got out her sewing machine and had a play already!

Pearl demonstrating free motion machine embroidery at Maitland Art Bazaar

I sold "Out of the Violet and Blue". The work which I won first place with in the Wallabadah Art Show a couple of months ago.

Out of the Violet and Blue

Pictured below is another of the collaborative artworks Rodney and I have made lately. Rodney does the exquisite expressionist renderings of the womens faces and I stencil the decorative background borders. The faces are oil pastel on archival paper and they are mounted on cotton canvas printed with acrylic paint. I had an enquiry what we are selling them for - they are $150. Would be sent rolled in a tube, free postage within Australia, add $10 for anywhere overseas. They measure approximately 50x65cm.

"Amber Eyes" collaborative art by Rodney Swansborough and Pearl Red Moon

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