Sunday 29 January 2012

risky activities

It will be probably be a few days before I can resume the flight with Plumage again...not due to the usual problem of lack time I can spend in the studio, in fact I will be having LOTS of time at home for the forseeable next few weeks....! I would be chuffed to be able to move easily in any direction at the moment....let alone FLY anywhere!!!

On Friday afternoon, just a half hour before I was due to finish work, I stumbled down a small platform (at barely 12cm high it can't be honoured with the description "step") and broke my left ankle. Until I was able to get to hospital yesterday afternoon and have an X-ray I had assumed for 24 hours it was a bad sprain.

Rodney won't be back from Melbourne until this afternoon so I have been trying to get myself comfortable at home in bed. The leg is backstrapped with plaster and I have crutches. Strict instructions have been issued  from the medico authorities regarding no weight bearing whatsoever on that ankle and they will know about it if I disobey as the thin layer of plaster under the foot will break with minimal pressure and my indiscretion would be revealed. I have discovered the big nuisance of crutches is that you can only move yourself from A to B, nothing can be easily carried such as a cup of coffee, books (why are artbooks inevitably weighty hardcover tomes?) a computer or ones tray of beadwork.

However, lying frustrated on ones back for hours contemplating that necessity is the mother of invention lead me to devising this ingenious solution...I crutched out to my computer desk chair, which is fortunately an office job on wheels and I've been able to transport the necessaries for avoiding braindead from boredom (for the immediate future) back to my horizontal kingdom. I now have a jug of cordial, crackers cheese and tomatoes for lunch, a pile of books, beadwork tray and the laptop!

So many risks in life to avoid! Not least of which is actually Blogging in Bed, which Rodney can attest to. Having recently taken up the challenge to become a blogger Rodney went at it with his usual missionary zeal and gusto. Despite me thinking that shaggers back was the more customary affliction of the recently wed Rodneys favourite bed activity throughout December and January become blogging in bed for hours at a time! Ironically, it just goes to show how dangerous inactivity can be, as it ended up with him having a very stiff, sore back for the last 3 weeks.

Considering what creative pursuits I might be able to safely undertake in the next few days I came across this picture in my archive of a "scrumble" cardigan I made for granddaugther when she was 2. I don't think knitting and crotcheting are associated with too many risks but I shall be extra conscious of sitting up with good posture and making sure my back is properly supported in bed.

Meantime I have 2 weeks off work and a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon that I need to make an appointment to visit tomorrow...

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