Sunday 7 November 2021

Small people with enormous righteousness


Well there you go people. I've been shut down on Instagram already. I posted the pictures below a couple of days ago.

These are 2 teeshirts I recently bought. The acronym TERF on the pink shirt stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

These shirts and the words printed on them are considered by a small number of people to be HATE SPEECH. On that basis somebody reported my account to Instagram and had me shut down.

Just prior to my silencing somebody called @moon_child_jla posted a rather pompous comment saying my words, actions and philosophy are problematic. Then she immediately blocked me so I couldn't reply to her. What a hero! The reason she didn't want to hear back is because there is no defense for believing a man is a woman just because he says so. 

A week ago in London, outside a Feminist conference a mtf Trans Rights Activist held a placard saying "S#ck my dick, you transphobic c**nts". That is the level solidarity and love that that transwoman has for women, probably shared with his mates. 

Women who defend the right of these privileged, entitled whining dick owners are equally without integrity. @moon_child_jla you should be ashamed to sell out your sisters to defend in men in dresses yelling through a megaphone that we must suck their dicks.

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