Monday 2 March 2020

Golden Bird winging it

front of Golden Bird coat by Pearl Moon 2020

back of Golden Bird coat by Pearl Moon 2020

detail of Golden Bird coat by Pearl Moon 2020
Above are pictures of Golden Bird, another coat to be seen in my Thirty Coats exhibition. The main fabrics used have been upcycled from 2 doona covers and a remnant piece of crimpilene fabric found at the Aberdeen community shop. The crimpilene is that beige piece with the spots and crosses. Those of us older than 60 would remember crimpilene. A horrible man made fibre that didn't breathe - it was like wearing a plastic bag - but had the upside of never needing to be ironed. I've only used small pieces on this coat so the wearer won't feel like they are going around wearing a mobile steam bath.

I was thrilled to receive these pictures a few days ago. In October last year I taught a class about stenciling and embellishing fabrics in the techniques I've developed. The fabulous jacket above was made by a student with the fabrics she made in class. The pattern is my "Zambeesi Jacket".

I'll be teaching this class again on the last weekend of my exhibition in Newcastle, in the workshop area of the Newcastle Art Space gallery, except this time students will make a skirt rather than a jacket. All the information is on this poster below.

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