Monday 26 August 2019

The reverse Ourosbouros Syndrome

Every time I’m on social media for the last 6 weeks I’ve been confronted with seeing photographs of my own art to wear garments scrolling past advertised for sale in the latest ChicV popup online shop. As I’ve been recounting here my complaints to Paypal, Shopify and Facebook have led me into labyrinthine processes that take hours and hours and after a week or 2 yield no results.

Pinterest had become the last corner of the internet I’ve been able to go to for a respite from seeing the incessant advertising…..until tonight.

Ughhhh, this is the sight I was confronted with onscreen…

My jacket is 50% off in the Baezshop! Now only US$24!!!

Unlike the copyright complaint processes of the other internet entities the Pinterest process was extremely quick and efficient. The form gets filled out….but won’t submit. This inscrutable message is emblazoned across the screen.

Request failed...invalid parameters

Then I spent several more hours trying to work out how to send a message that gets read and responded to by a human being. Result being 2 auto generated replies urging me to submit a copyright complaint.

The reverse Ourosbouros Syndrome. In ancient mythology the ourosbouros symbol is a snake eating its tail and supposed to signify eternity and the cycle of birth and death. But I'm changing the parts around and giving it a new interpretation today. Reverse Ourosbouros is when you have your head up your arse and are going around and around in circles going nowhere. 

I still have this jacket in the picture. The versions they describe as "yellow, red and purple" are simply colour shifts done in Photoshop. Below is a picture of my original blue jacket with a Sydney Morning Herald newspaper from July 29th 2019 displayed beside it. ChicV use the photo I published of it in a blog post in October 2018 in their shop pretending it is the product they sell, along with pictures of another 7 garments they are appropriating.

So this is the world today. 

If anybody has bought any of my faked garments from these crooks, or knows of anybody who did, if they contact me I am more than happy to do anything I can to help them claim a refund from Paypal, Shopify or Facebook on the basis that ChicV was using fraudulent pictures in it's advertising.

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