Wednesday 28 August 2019

some art for a change

Necklace of cloth beads. The focal pendant is a patch cut from one of the images on my cloth "Nippon postcard fabric". The cloth is printed with numerous images from vintage 20th century tourist postcards.

Spoonflower - "Nippon postcard fabric"

the 1 yard repeat of Nippon postcard yields over 100 patches

the focal pendant is a patch from the Nippon postcard fabric

the whole necklace has several cloth beads

I've been using individual patches cut from the same cloth sewed to many of the clothes I've made lately. On the dress in the picture below the small patch on the left pocket is from Nippon postcard. The large patch on the bottom right of this dress is another I've designed that is also for sale in my Spoonflower shop. That one is called "Faded Japan".

This is one of the upcycled dresses I've made to sell at Newcastle Craftfully Market on Sept 14/15. The bodice is a knit singlet, the centre is a section from a pillowcase, the skirt is made from a cotton doona cover. 100% upcycled fabrics except for the patches.

And another necklace of cloth beads made by me shown with it.

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