Wednesday 24 July 2019

Freda Jacket upcycle

Today I finished the grey denim jacket shown in a blog of couple of weeks ago. I refer to it as the "Freda" jacket because of the stencil on the left pocket (yes I know FKs name was spelled Frida, but thats just me being non conformist)

Many hours of hand stitching, stencil prints, machine embroidery and applique have transformed it into a unique work of wearable art. Its a smaller size than what I usually make at 10-12 (bust 34-36").

All the fabrics added to the Jacket came from discarded and used fabrics - coming mainly from some offcuts of upholstery fabric and a bedcover. The large motif on the back was cut from a quilt cover. It was machine stitched to the back then I used the lines of the motif as guide to apply free motion stitching, then cut out the "windows" to reveal the denim underneath layer.


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