Tuesday 19 September 2017

Theodora with applique....anyone?

Hi, dear friends and followers. I've just published this new PDF sewing pattern, "Theodora Tunic and Jacket".

cover of Theodora PDF pattern, Large size range

Depending on how much detail there is in each clothing design it takes me about 3-6 weeks full time work to write up and publish a PDF pattern. Its a highly technical process done in Adobe computer programs Illustrator and Indesign so by the end of each project I'm always hanging like a starving dog to do something creative using the other side of my brain.

The Theodora Tunic or Jacket version is a fabulous little layering piece and I was excited by the potential to make this garment in a really special and gorgeous fabric. For example - how about fake fur! But I didn't have any in my fabric stash and are an hours drive away from any fabric shops (plus we are at the end of Winter) so I brainstormed on embellishing a piece of fabric with applique and this is the result. I'm really thrilled with this fabric, it really is gorgeous!

close up of applique

The finished front of Theodora tunic with 3 colour applique

close up of applique on bodice of Theodora tunic

My dear friend and art mentor Charlotte is encouraging me to share the technique I invented for making this applique and I think there could be some merit in the idea. I'm considering 2 options - #1 publish another version of Theodora including a tutorial for the textile embellishment technique, or #2, do an interactive online class in 4 parts over a month with a group of paying participants so I can be available online to tutor people step by step through the process...? In that format I'd need at least 10 students and it would cost $45 per student. You'd get notes to print, PDF pattern, youtube tutorials and me available during the course.

The applique in my example is sewed on a machine so it's surprising fast. I cut, sewed and finished the tunic in the pictures above in 9 hours. Though it could certainly be hand stitched, a la Alabama Chanin, for those who love their fashion slow and hand made. This fabric embellishment technique can be applied to any garment, not just the Theodora tunic.

Will show some pictures of the fully finished tunic, along with some other pieces I'm working on in the next blog.

Any feedback out there.....?

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