Thursday 21 January 2016

new design "Wave"

This is my new pattern "Wave"....the first pictures.

front of "Wave" dress

I love this dress, I'm so excited about it! After a couple of years of publishing pdf patterns I'm still learning a lot and working out what my "niche" is going to be. I feel that Wave is the best expression of where I'm heading so far. It's alternative, arty and eclectic. I've been able to use the design to showcase some surface embellishment techniques that emphasize that its truly a hand made garment and an art cloth.

detail of some of the surface embellishment on Wave

On the upper left panel are simple sashiko running stitch patterns. The panel below features appliqued spots and to the right is the reverse applique, where the spots on the left were cut out from. These central hand and machine stitched panels are counter balanced with other fabrics of coordinating colour and pattern.  The dress still works very well in different versions with or without the embellished panels, and I'll be showing these over the next few weeks.

I won't be publishing the pattern for sale until later in February as I've just started the process of writing up the making instructions.

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Applique and reverse applique panels

back of Wave

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