Thursday 24 September 2015

next issue of Get Stitched coming soon

With the end of September less than a week away I'm working on pulling together the next issue of the bi-monthly newsletter to publish very soon.

One of the creative ideas I'll be describing is how to add these these lovely puckered texture pockets to a garment. You could add them to a jacket, tunic or a skirt....or perhaps you could suggest something I haven't thought of? 

The pictures below show the pockets as an added feature on my most recently published pdf pattern, the "Hester Skirt".

I also put the pockets on another version of the skirt made in a woven fabric, which was a natural colour seeded broadcloth, and they looked just as great. I placed them a little higher up on the second skirt version. But I like the pockets placed low on this first version shown here because I plan to wear it with a long line tunic and the lower placement allows the pockets to show below the tunic hem, though in practical terms they are below the natural reach of the hand  

Hester Skirt with pucker pockets

the two pockets, this skirt is a soft 100% cotton double knit

a close up of a single puckered  pocket.

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