Sunday 22 March 2015

Boho Banjo fabric shop

The Rafflecopter giveaway is coming to a close in a few hours and I'll announce the winner within a day. It will be a randomly generated pick.

All week I've been adding pictures of my textile designs to the Kollabora shop - check it out here -

Boho Banjo fabric shop

Choosing and buying fabrics online can be an uncertain business as it's hard to tell from a description and a picture what the quality and feel of the fabric is like. The computer screen is also notoriously unreliable for showing true colours so I'm thinking about offering a swatch book of fabric prints by the middle of the year.

It also hard to interpret the scale of the design on the textile when seen on the computer screen. For example when I show the following fabric repeats and identify the real life dimensions as 150cm (56") wide by 80cm (30.5") you can only imagine what that might look like about 6 times larger than something which is literally perhaps 10 x 10cm (4") on the screen in front of your eyes. After showing the big scale pictures I've included some close up pictures of the surface to show the subtle layering and coloration of the print.

Palimpsest on Grey, 150cm wide by 80cm repeat
Palimpsest on grey, close up detail of surface, in reality there is lot more steely grey/blue than what shows on screen
Palimpsest on Mauve, 75 x 80 cm repeat

Palimpsest on Mauve, close up of surface

Lime Leopard, 150cm x 80cm repeat

Lime Leopard, close up

I hoping (MY) fabric can be sold in an online shop - personally I've bought fabric off the interwebs and other businesses are doing it! I'm speculating it won't be easy as it must take a long time to establish a reputation for your product and to gradually win over the trust and confidence of purchasers.

After announcing the winner of the Rafflecopter giveaway in the next few hours I'll make a bulk order of my new textile designs from the USA, along with the 3 metres of the winners choice. When they arrive in a few weeks time I'll be excited to show you the garments I make with them.

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