Monday 23 March 2015

Rafflecopter Winner!

The Rafflecopter giveaway finished yesterday afternoon so this morning I used their random auto pick feature to chose a winner. And then because that was such fun I chose a second winner who will get the 3 patterns I've published - the Zelda Top, Judith Suite and Adeline Tunic will be sent to you both.

Grand Prize winner, who gets the patterns PLUS their choice of 3 metres of fabric designed by me

is....Heather Brown!! 

Heather if I don't hear from you soon I'll contact you. You'll need to check out my fabric designs at either

Boho Banjo fabric shop

(2014 designs)la Perla Spoonflower fabric shop

and chose the 3 metres you want. It doesn't have to be all one fabric, you can pick up to 3 designs @ 1 metre each, or 2 designs @ 1 and 2 metres.

The patterns will be emailed as zip files and you'll have them within a few minutes.

The second surprise winner to receive the patterns is Elaine Howard.

Yesterday I spent some delightful hours in my sewing studio and started the next 2 pattern projects. #1 will be to publish a free pattern by the end of April.  #2, a new tunic that will also be a textile embellishment project. More updates to come.....


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