Saturday 22 June 2013

Jade Lace

HUZZAH!! Rodney and I set off to Brisbane tomorrow to have our annual holiday at Textile and Art Academy. We will both be doing 5-day workshops. Rodney is doing a mixed media drawing class and I'm doing nuno felting with Catherine O'Leary. We spent many hours packing up the van this morning. I'm always anxious I may have left a kitchen sink behind....

This afternoon we did a photo shoot in collaboration with professional photographer Sally Alden over at Willow Tree. We had a most extraordinary young model who was fabulous to style and work with. We look forward to getting some great source material for basing new artworks on. I'll share some of those images eventually and show how we use them as the basis for imagery to develop into new pictures.

Meantime this evening I had a little fun playing in Photoshop to create this digitally manipulated image I'm calling "Jade Lace" I send the two original images it was evolved from just to give you an idea to what degree it is altered. The face was taken from my work "Out of the Violet and Blue" (2011) and integrated into a picture of a piece of lace made in 2008.

"Jade Lace" digitally manipulated image. Pearl Red Moon, 2013

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