Monday 17 August 2020

How to crush somebody that just pisses you off

 I am a clothing worker.

This is the workroom of my studio/shop where I work most days.

This is one of my stashes of thrift sourced fabrics that are the resource I use for making the upcycled clothes I sell.


This is the retail area of my studio. It is adjacent to the workroom so when I'm sewing the front door can be open for people to come in and see what I do. Sometimes they find something they like so much they buy it. 

Above the rack of clothes there are some cloth figures. This was an art form I was doing about 20 years ago.

This coat is last item of clothing I made about a week ago. It is for sale for Aus$180, including postage to wherever the buyer lives. Paypal only accepted.

How to crush somebody that just pisses you off

So after yesterdays blog some people might be thinking….oooohhhaaahhhh, that Pearl Moon really is an obsessive stalker, there she is going on about Aja Barber again. Batshit crazy....ooohhh aahhh

I hope some of you checked out the half hour of character assassination delivered up by the aforementioned. That is the problem, barely a word of that tirade actually mentioned the issue of cultural appropriation that I sought to discuss over a year ago. That video is a deeply, pointedly personal attack on my character. Not saying my name, something she’ll be careful never to do, gives plausible deniability that its personal. But her bagging me for being aspergers and mentioning the dreaded kimono signals to those who know.

It is a demonstration of power intended to intimidate me into shamed silence, not a constructive engagement about ideas. A capsule of dismissive contempt for my wrong thinking. She justifies this blatant bullying because she is an oppressed black woman and I’m a privileged racist white supremacist. Is there something familiar about this “us and them” polarisation? This seems the twisted justification of a self righteous bully nominating me a sub human who deserves to be trashed. Being a bully isn't something connected to the DNA of melanin.

I think she is an awful advocate. In the brief time before I was purged from polluting her platform I was amazed at how she rudely talks down to her followers. Herding and directing them like an unruly bunch of meerkats. So ungracious. The especially thick white people get served double excoriations becos they seldom have appropriate gratitude for her enormous beneficence in tolerating them.

Where are the groups where women come together feeling solidarity and sisterhood advocating against the fast fashion model? Together BIPOC and white women love clothes and style. As consumers our money is all the same. BIPOC and white women both work in the fast fashion industry. Why are some social media groups/people striving to divide us by saying we should only care about the 80% BIPOC? Why is there indifference and dismissal towards the 20% of melanin lackers?

Being anti-fashion isn’t just a racist issue. It is a womans, a feminist and a human rights issue.

We will get the work done of smashing patriarchy>capitalism more efficiently by chopping off the head of the beast instead of hacking at a limb.

Being a racist anti-racist or the new anti-racism is being anti-white

There are anti-fast fashion advocates who are mixing their message by saying it’s all just a racist issue. By that logic, lets “fix” racism first then maybe later on we can refocus on patriarchy>capitalism. My view is that this is to put the cart before the horse. Patriarchy is the root of all oppressive systems, including racism.

Being aggrieved can be a profitable business model on social media. Some advocates see a business opportunity in selling the equivalent of Catholic “favours” to white people who feel guilt stricken to be told they’re racist.

Join up <here>!!! to expiate your racist sins and those of your fathers and possibly be dispensed forgiveness. Buy yourself a cleansing ritual whipping as a penitent ex white supremacist!!!

White people love these platforms. They flock there to enjoy safety in numbers and to learn the correct anti-racist incantations to recite when required. The Church of Saintly Performative Allyship.

Meantime I need to get to my sewing machine and make things I hope I can sell. Sitting at my Janome stitching or leaning over the garment cutting table I feel sisterhood with all the women doing clothing industry work today and every day. I don't feel more sympathy for the 80% who are BIPOC and doing the same work and less for the 20% whitey.

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