Friday 7 February 2020

Thirty Coats exhibition

I regret having to deface my poster in this way, but if I don't every picture of my art I show here is an item the Chinese manufacturing ChicV feels entitled to steal.

My exhibition of art to wear opens next month in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. I'm heartbroken not to have been able to regularly blog and show pictures of the fantastic work I've been producing to exhibit in the last few months.

In my last blog post, on New Years eve 2020, I was sardonically wishing it would be "interesting times" (this sentiment comes from ancient chinese curse)....and sheeeesh, with the bushfires, drought and now a worldwide pandemic possibly looming I truly hope I had no influence with heaven.

As much as I've been infuriated by the Chinese manufacturing company which has been stealing and faking my artistic production (and defrauding 10s of 1000s of innocent customers to make their illegimate profit) I bear the Chinese people no ill will and I'm horrified at the situation they are in. Being exposed to the Coronavirus and millions of them quarantined in their homes and cities. It is dreadful and I dearly hope they, and all the rest of the world, can return safely to normal life soon.

I wish ChicV had acted honourably and negotiated for legal permission and a contract to make copies of my art to wear. They could have paid for that right and I could have ensured high production standards and it would have been a win/win for all.

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