Sunday 21 February 2016

new gorgeous things to wear...

Honey pot bees earrings, cloth and mixed media
Pictures of some more gorgeousness finished in the last few ever I'm prevaricating about getting the next pattern completed and published by getting caught up the delight of designing and making these beauties.

necklace "Pensive Maiko", cloth and mixed media

detail of the focal piece of the Pensive Maiko necklace

more tributes to FK - Frida with parrot coloured tassels
Silk and shisha earrings

Plum Brocade earrings

Marrakesh Lanterns earrings
These are my favourites of the current bunch of earrings - Secret Garden

All these will go into the internet shops in the next couple of days. If theres anything you might be interested in buying this is your chance to get in first by emailing me for the price and anything else you want to know.

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